Take Care

At Sage & Sunday, we meticulously curate our fabric selection, prioritizing quality, texture, and the well-being of your skin. Here's an overview of the materials we use – Hemp Linen, Cork Leather, and Recycled Felt – and how to ensure the longevity of your garments.

Also note that because of the bespoke nature of our designs and crafting processes, colours might slightly vary from what is seen online.

Hemp Linen

Crafted for a timeless allure, our Hemp Linen garments age gracefully, gaining character over time. The color gently fades, creases become part of the fabric's story, and it starts to drape more elegantly, aligning with your unique journey.

Machine washable on a cold, gentle cycle.

Avoid tumble drying.

Iron on medium heat.

Embrace the natural aging process for a personalized touch.

Cork Leather

Much like traditional leather, Cork Leather gains character with time, evolving into a unique piece that tells your story. Embrace the natural patina that develops, showcasing the authenticity of your accessory.

Wipe with a damp cloth for everyday cleaning.

Allow the leather to age naturally.

Apply a leather balm for moisture and nourishment.

Recycled Felt

Our commitment to sustainability extends to Recycled Felt, a material that may develop fluff over time. Fear not – bring your garment into our studio, and we'll happily remove the fluff at no extra cost, ensuring both longevity and environmental consciousness.

Spot clean with a damp cloth for minor stains.

For fluff removal, visit our studio or use a fluff remover at home.