Fix It Policy

Your Fix-It Journey

So, my favourite hemp linen piece or cork leather shoes are showing signs of wear and tear. What’s the next move?

• I take a moment and appreciate the stories this item has shared with me.

• I look back and ensure the product is one of Sage & Sunday's creations.

• With a calm heart, I shoot an e-mail to outlining:

- My name & order number.

- A quick overview of the item and its signs of wear.

- Assurance that the item has been well-loved and naturally worn, and hasn’t been intentionally damaged or went through any extreme situations.

• I then lovingly pack the item, feeling grateful for a brand that values longevity over disposability.

• I keenly await a response, followed by guidance on next steps or a courier to collect the item.

• Once my item is refreshed and rejuvenated, I get a notification and happily wait for its return, ready to create more memories together.

Wearing Wisely

Just a gentle nudge for our cherished customers. Every material has its grace, and while our hemp linen clothes, cork leather shoes, and recycled plastic felt bags are designed to age beautifully, they need your love and care. Let’s avoid hastening their aging by treating them right:

- Gentle washes for the linen and always dry in the shade.

- Keeping the cork leather away from extreme conditions.

- Treating recycled plastic felt bags like a dear friend.

A Friendly Heads Up

Our Lifetime Fix-It Guarantee is our bond of trust with you. But please remember, it’s for those cherished items that have naturally worn over time. If an item appears to have faced undue stress or intentional damage, our guarantee might not be able to wrap its arms around it. So, wear, wash, and carry with love!


For Every Guarantee Detail

All fix-it requests should reach us within a week of noticing the wear.

Concerns regarding the wear, potential repair, or any other queries? All roads lead to

Once we receive your item, please allow us a couple of weeks to work our magic and send it back refreshed.

"Your trust is our treasure. Let’s make sustainability and longevity the new norms together."