Industry meets nature. Grunge meets sunlight. The crack in the pavement grows a flower sprout. Playful dances with duty. We marry what was once thought to be separate. Industrially conscious. Earth conscious. Conscious clothing.

Made by humans. For humans.

Our Path

A good life is made from the simple things. We believe in the joy of simplistic clothing and our garments serve as a reminder that beauty in simplicity can be just as powerful. The future is about sustainability, and we are committed to bringing you versatile pieces that are ethically made, minimalist yet purposeful.

We are continuously innovating our processes to make sure we are building a sustainable brand with products of the highest quality. From the beginning, until the item arrives at your door, we keep our focus on building a business that matters for tomorrow.

For a deeper look at who we are and where we're heading on our eco-journey, visit our about section.

Hemp Linen

Your clothing is an extension of your personality and lifestyle. With hemp textiles, you can be sure that your fashion choices are supporting something good for the planet. Hemp is a low-maintenance crop that requires little help or resources during its growth. This makes it the ideal choice for long-lasting and comfortable clothing. It’s environmentally friendly, requiring less water and pesticides than many other plants grown for textiles.

Sage & Sunday's blog is a great space for more information on Hemp or any other current-day developments. 

Time for Change

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To give back to the environment and make a difference, we have partnered with Tree Nation to plant trees in reforestation projects around the world. With each purchase, a tree is planted somewhere in need. Have a look at our forest!

growing paper, recycloed paper, sustainable paper, sustainable fashion, sage and sunday

We're excited to announce that our garment tags are now made of 100% recycled paper with herb seeds meshed inside that you can plant in your garden. How cool is that?

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Our packaging is 100% plastic-free, and every piece is either biodegradable or recyclable. We are proud and happy to be able to offer you a waste-free shopping experience!

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