The Delicate Hands Behind Our Conscious Clothing Sage & Sunday

The Delicate Hands Behind Our Conscious Clothing

Welcome to the team of Sage & Sunday, 

It makes us very happy to take a moment to share our creative environment with the people that support and nourish our brand, our community is what forms a bonded passion within the work space. Allowing for a free flow of feel good energy and organic intentions.

We are proud to share our amazing team with our community of like minded people and look forward to sharing the stories behind our walls.


Jakob Slabbert 

Designer & founder 

Sage and Sunday, founded by the visionary designer Jakob Slabbert, is a manifestation of creativity, sustainability, and craftsmanship. With a commitment to ethical fashion, Jakob has crafted a brand specializing in handcrafted hemp linen clothing. Each piece is a testament to his dedication to environmental consciousness, utilizing hemp as a renewable resource. Notably, the hemp used is sourced from a rooibos and bushy farm, adding a unique touch to the brand's commitment to sustainability. [Founder's Name] seamlessly blends timeless aesthetics with contemporary design, creating a collection that stands as a testament to the values of Sage and Sunday and the visionary approach of its founder. The result is a brand that not only pioneers sustainable fashion but also resonates with individuals seeking a stylish and eco-conscious wardrobe.

Shepherd Sakandya

Cobbler of Veld Material Bags and Cork Shoes


Shepherd's authentic essence is a truly remarkable gift. The moment he steps into the studio, his energy permeates the space around us. Beyond his skill in crafting exquisite veld bags and cork shoes, Shepherd possesses an innate ability to infuse the studio with an atmosphere that transcends language but is expressed through his artistry. Each piece he creates becomes a vessel for the love and passion he pours into his work, creating an indescribable energy that resonates throughout the studio.

Sadikki Kizito

Key tailor from Nord Kivu, Congo


Sadikki comes from a beautiful town called Nord Kivu, Congo. Specialising in tailoring eco-conscious materials and sewing them together one thread at a time. Sadikki weaves a narrative of quality into every garment he touches. His commitment to ensuring that each stitch is a testament to his art.It reflects not only his craftsmanship but also his dedication to the vision of Sage and Sunday.


Sandile Mela

Lead Tailor from Giff Village, Eastern Cape


From the picturesque Giff Village 7 in the Eastern Cape, Sandile Mela breathes life into discarded fabrics, transforming them into exquisite upcycled waistcoats. His passion for this particular design not only shines through in the final product but also inspires the entire studio. Sandile's artistry is a celebration of sustainable fashion, where each waistcoat tells a story of reinvention and creativity.


Bongi Gwegwana

Quality control manager from Gugulethu, Crossroad

In the vibrant town of Crossroad, Bongi Gwegwana stands strongly in the position of garment creation. Her talents extend beyond cutting garments; she over looks the quality of our finished products in the studio. Everyday she takes full responsibility for the front of house, ensuring a very unique experience for each customer that walks into the Sage & Sunday studio.


Susan Freddie

Seamstress from Gugulethu's Rich Tapestry

Another gem from the beautiful town of Gugulethu, Susan Freddie, focuses her artistic touch on dresses and pants. In the intricate dance of fabric and form, Susan's expertise shines. However, she is quick to acknowledge the collaborative spirit of the entire team, emphasizing that every individual, with their unique skills, is indispensable in bringing the brand's vision to life.

Matthew Martins

From Knysna, Garden route  

Matthew, coming from the organic haven of Knysna.In his role with communications,Matthew keeps the channels between our sustainable clothing studio and the community wide open, driven by a heart committed to ethical practices. Moreover, his intentional approach transforms the front of house into a consciously driven space, where each garment is imbued with a part of his energy. This dedication resonates with our commitment to being more than just a brand but a sustainable and organic presence within the city.



We are always looking for new innovative ways to create more solutions to the world's eco-problems, where there is always a need for more but we already have everything we need and create the most optimal designs with what we have.  

It is an exciting venture for us once we find things that may not have any purpose in the studio and create something brand new and beautiful from it, We appreciate the small things and the finer details that might not be seen immediately when looked at quickly, with that being said it creates a slower and more present energy within the studio and work shop.

Sage & Sunday is manifesting a new leaf for the way that things are created and produced, slowing down the fast paced world we live in today through the clothing that we make for our community. Sharing a piece of ourselves to create a symbiotic organism that produces a sense of renewal and elegantly so.We manifest a world that can create and produce materials through a state of presence and where we are right now.The more we focus on the future, the less of the present moment there is to appreciate. 



As we wrap up this journey through our space, we want to express our deepest gratitude for allowing us to share the heart and soul of our organic brand with you. Our studio is more than just a space; it's a sanctuary where creativity and sustainability intertwine to bring you products that echo our commitment to a better, more organic world.

Behind every eco-friendly creation is a dedicated team, a group of passionate individuals who pour their love and expertise into each design.

They are the heartbeat of our brand, weaving together the threads of innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainability. As you've glimpsed into our studio, we hope you've felt the energy, the joy, and the meticulous care that goes into every step of our process.


Kind regards,

The Sage & Sunday team xx




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